Drones & Real Estate

Should anyone selling a property be including some element of aerial imagery in the listing of their properties?

The answer to the question above is an absolute resounding – YES!!

Sellers are now including aerial photography & video more & more because of one simple reason


it sells houses.

The biggest factor that generates an above-average sales record in real estate is the quality of the presentation of properties. As a real estate agent, if you combine a good sales pitch with breathtaking imagery which includes aerial photos & video, you have a winning combination. These aerial shots are now quickly & easily achieved using modern drone technology.



Real Estate Shot

Can I do it myself?

Yes, but beware, consider these three important facts:


  1. Are you actually allowed to fly in the airspace above the property?
  2. You will be insured if you cause any damage to any person or property.
  3. Will the quality be as good as from a professional?

Is the airspace restricted or controlled?

The following map outlines the amount of restricted & controlled airspace locations scattered around Sydney &  the Central Coast. Each with minimum distances you must not fly in around each of them. Anyone found to be flying in any restricted area can be liable for very heavy fines.




Map outlining restricted airpace – CASA Can I Fly There program – Aug 2017


This means in the Gosford area alone, you are not allowed to fly a drone at all unless licensed & authorised to do so in the following suburbs:


Gosford, East Gosford, West Gosford, Wyoming, Niagara Park, Narara, Lisarow (part), Kariong, Point Clare, Tascott, Koolewong, Green Point, Springfield, Erina.


*Information given as per page 27 of the Advisory Circular 101-10 put out by CASA – the Civil Aviation Safety Authority



Gosford restriction-zone

Gosford restriction-zone

What happens if you crash your drone?

No insurance company will provide you cover without you being licensed, or having adequate approved training. Should your drone come crashing down on someone’s property, car, or … heaven forbid, a person themselves, you may find yourself being liable for thousands, if not millions of dollars.


All Drone Productions Australia pilots are fully licensed by CASA (The Civil Aviation Safety Authority) holding the RePL & AROC (Remote Pilot License & Aeronautical Radio Operator’s Certificate) so are able to operate in all controlled & restricted areas.

Will the quality of the imagery be as good?

Consider what quality any hobbyist drone camera will be. Our imagery is 20 Megapixel still shots and high end 4k video.

We will supply an aerial image (legally) for $88.00

We’ll provide an overhead image of any property showing it’s surrounding area / points of interest taken any way you want – and we’ll do it quickly and easily. Simply advise the address & what you want. We’ll have the image over to you same day. We’ll even make the payment process easy by billing you once at the end of each month itemising the properties done for you – We’ll make it simple, legal & easy for you.

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