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Nothing will help sell your boat quicker than using aerial photos in your classifieds listing. Nothing. Not only that but they are also a fantastic keepsake for you to keep once it’s sold and becomes only a memory.



Make your listing stand out from the others

Showing off your boat underway, unleashed in all it’s glory looks a whole lot better than photos of it moored up or in it’s berth. These photos are even better when taken from an elevated angle looking down at your craft – why do you think most people taking selfie shots take them holding the camera above their heads?

The typical selfie photo

The typical selfie photo

Getting aerial shots isn’t easy or cheap – wrong.

Most people think that getting aerial photos or video would be too hard to organise and too expensive so don’t bother even thinking any further about it, but they are wrong.

Our approach

Our formulated approach to getting aerial photos or video using a drone makes the whole process quick, easy, and affordable. In fact all that is required on your part is for you to take your boat for a spin. We do the rest.

How it works (photos)

We make the whole process easy:

  • Get in touch with us to arrange a suitable location and day.
  • We establish a suitable take-off  location on a headland within close proximity.
  • You let us know when you are ready, communicating via your marine radio.
  • We will send the UAV (drone) out to your location and take the photos, then return to the take-off location.

All you need to do is enjoy being on your boat, ignoring the drone completely. Once we’re done you can enjoy the rest of the day if you wish.

How many photos?

Our aim is to give you the best possible shots we can, but usually find one from each four quarters, the fore, aft and one looking down directly from above are best – 7 shots in total.



Special Introductory offer – Starting at $250.00*

All photos are professional quality using the DJI Phantom 4 Pro UAV – we are currently doing an introductory price on this offer starting at just $250 – contact us to discuss.




photo angles

Up to 7 angles including overhead




100% Satisfaction guarantee

Within a few hours of having the photos taken we will email you a link to view the images in low resolution format. You only need to submit payment if you are happy with them. If not you don’t pay a cent. Once payment is received we’ll then provide you with high resolution images suitable for printing, and smaller medium sized images for publishing on the internet etc.




*Price is based on the provision of 7 photos as outlined, with the photography work carried out within Brisbane Waters Central Coast area and taking no longer than 30 minutes duration. The supplying of additional photos, video footage, the photography work being done in any other area requiring extra travel, excessive time taken to achieve the shots due to client delays/issues will cost extra.

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