Mooney Mooney Bridge – NSW

Mooney Mooney Bridge – NSW October 8, 2017

Got off the beaten track ending up under the bridge the M1 Motorway travels over between Sydney & Gosford. It is a forgotten pocket of wilderness rarely seen by the thousands of cars that traverse this bridge everyday.   This shot taken in a quick 2 minute flight… Worthy of a return visit to capture all of it.

Catherine Hill Bay Wharf – Photos March 20, 2014

The village is named after the Catherine Hill, a schooner wrecked here in 1867. Coal was discovered and mined by the New Wallsend Company which bought up the land, built a jetty and opened the mine in 1873. The coastal location facilitated shipment and avoided the bar at the entrance to Lake Macquarie. The enterprise employed 70-100 men, whose cottages, still lining the roadside, formed the basis of the nascent township. Approximately 1000 tons of coal a week was taken…

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